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Whether it’s wood floor cleaning and recoating, tile and grout cleaning and resealing, window cleaning, or exterior washing services such as roof and driveway cleaning, look no further. There’s no more need to contact multiple companies for all of these cleaning services. Make one phone call and begin to experience for yourself the value of a professional relationship with Fresh Impressions.

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Why do we use a horizontal scrubbing machine as opposed to a rotary machine?

Horizontal scrubbing machines follow the contour of the floor getting into the grooves and grout lines between tiles. Horizontal brush machines also don’t run the risk of alignment issues. Rotary machines can become slightly off-kilter which causes them to wear into the floor more on one side as they spin, creating an uneven clean, or worse, an uneven abrasion which can leave circular marks worn into a floor. Our machines apply cleaning solutions, evenly agitate the floor (with horizontal scrubbing brushes), and extract the soils that are loosened. These types of machines are what industry gurus are recommending now over rotary-style machines.

Why do we NOT use a circular pressure-washing machine like the Turbo Hybrid on tile?

This level of pressure is not necessary for cleaning tile and grout surfaces. Many tile and grout cleaning professionals will grab for the Turbo Hybrid because they want to get the job done quicker and because it’s what they see everyone using on YouTube, but this high-pressured approach can damage or dent tiles and leave circular etch marks. We take a softer but equally-effective approach by allowing our cleaning solutions to lift the soils from the surfaces, scrubbing the grout valleys with our synthetic grout brush, and cleaning the surface of the tiles using our horizontal brushing machine which extracts soils leaving your tile and grout undamaged and stunningly clean.

Why do we use pH-neutral cleaning solutions and alkaline cleaners for tile?
Many products available in stores boast of being pH-neutral when they’re actually all over the pH scale, between 5 to 9. Truly pH-neutral cleaners, such as those we use to clean wood floors, will not damage or dull wood floors or leave residue. Tiles can be very sensitive to acid especially natural stone tiles containing high amounts of calcium, such as limestone, travertine, and marble. So sloshing around any kind of vinegar mixture on the surface of your stone (what many house cleaners use) could be detrimental to your tile and grout. Our tile-cleaning products are 12.5 on the alkaline side of the pH scale and this guarantees we will not cause any harm chemically to the stone surfaces or grout we clean. We also use water-carrying sealers as opposed to solvent-carrying sealers so odors are minimal, there’s no flammability concerns, and we stay environmentally-friendly. Your pets will thank us!
I’ve heard of pressure-washing, but what is soft-washing?
Softwashing is exactly what it sounds like – washing ‘softly’ with low-pressured water or non-pressured water. Our cleaning solutions do the work of lifting soils so that we can rinse with water gently as opposed to needing to blast away at siding, windows, and other fragile surfaces with engine-powered pressure-washing rigs. The only surfaces that still require pressure-washing are concrete surfaces such as your driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. For these services, we use a 20” rotating surface cleaner that has a synthetic skirt around it to keep water contained and to keep all other nearby surfaces protected.
I’m worried you’re going to kill my plants with your cleaning solutions.
We understand this is a very legitimate and common concern. So we’ve taken every precaution we can to protect your vegetation. We bag downspouts. We water before, during, and after cleaning. For an additional fee, we also offer Plant Protect which applies a protective coating to sensitive trees, shrubs, and other plant types.