Exterior Washing

Knoxville Exterior Softwashing Services

These are the flagship services of Fresh Impressions. Trained, Certified, and Equipped by Southeast Softwash in Roanoke, AL, the team at Fresh Impressions handles everything from roofs to driveways, from gutter brightening to trim washing, to rust, oil, and red dirt stain removal, and even graffiti removal. Equipped with a sophisticated softwash system built by the team at Southeast Softwash, Fresh Impressions employs pressure only for ground surfaces (concrete driveways, sidewalks, curbs) with the use of a rotating surface cleaner. Every other exterior surface cleaned by Fresh Impressions receives our specially-formulated cleaning solutions followed by gentle rinsing so there is no risk of property damage. Fresh Impressions places absorbent socks in the street to collect any run-off from our cleaning solutions, to promote environmental responsibility, and to avoid stormwater violations. Vegetation is thoroughly rinsed before and after every service, any potential electrical hazards are identified and sealed using sure tape, exterior fans are covered, and downspouts are bagged to collect run off from the roof. These types of extra precautions are what set Fresh Impressions apart, making them the obvious choice for high-value property owners looking to rid their property of harmful organic growth and improve curb appeal.

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Roof Softwashing

Our softwash system and specially-formulated cleaning solutions eliminate all forms of organic growth (algae, bacteria, moss) that cause black streaking on surfaces such as asphalt shingles. These cleaning solutions leave a roof looking impressively clean.

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Driveway Cleaning, Staining, & Sealing

Our driveway cleanings involve first inspecting the concrete surfaces, rinsing adjacent grass and other vegetation, pre-spraying the concrete with a specially-formulated cleaning solution to kill any organic matter and to lift soils and debris, removing soils using a rotating surface cleaner, and gently water-rinsing the concrete surface clean. Ask about our stain & seal services!

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House Washing (Brick/Siding/Stucco)

A specially-formulated cleaning solution will be applied to brick, siding, or stucco to eliminate and lift all organic growth, dirt and debris, followed by a gentle rinse.

gutter brightening

Gutter Cleaning & Foam Installation

Clean Out
Debris from inside gutters will be cleared and downspouts will be flushed.

Gutter Brightening
Gutters will be rinsed with water, a cleaning solution specially formulated for gutter brightening will be applied. Gutters will be scrubbed using a synthetic-bristled brush (non-scratching), followed by a final water rinse.

exterior dirt removal from home

Dirt, Rust, Oil, or Graffiti Removal

Whether red dirt, rust, oil, or graffiti, we are equipped with specially- formulated cleaning solutions to eliminate each of these unwanted substances that can lead to slips, falls, health problems, and bad first impressions.

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boat dock cleaning

Boat Dock Cleaning, Staining, and Sealing

Let’s sanitize, stain, and seal your wood dock to prevent its degradation this winter and to make it easier to clean come Spring. We use cleaning solutions specially-formulated for wood fences, decks, and docks and rinse with light pressure so as not to cause damage while beautifying and protecting your dock.

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Light Fixture Cleaning and Repainting

One of the first impressions of any property, though one of the most often overlooked and unmaintained, are the light fixtures on either side of the front and back doors! These beautiful light fixtures can get full of cobwebs and dust which not only make them unattractive, but lack luster when turned on.

exterior dirt removal from home

Deck & Patio Washing (Brick/Wood/Stone)

Keep your deck and patio clean and ready for your family to enjoy. Our professional softwashing system can eliminate natural growth, dirt, and stains quickly and efficiently. 

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