Tile Cleaning Knoxville

Tile and Grout Cleaning Knoxville, TN

The days of getting down on hands and knees with a toothbrush and vinegar water are well behind us. Leave the cleaning and sealing of your tile and grout (whether ceramic, porcelain, marble, travertine, limestone, or any other type of stone product) to the team at Fresh Impressions. Trained and certified by the IICRC in stone, masonry and tile cleaning, our team will identify the type of tile to be cleaned, the porosity of the stone to be cleaned, whether or not our sealer will adhere properly, and customize a cleaning plan for your floor.

Have you noticed that the grout between your tiles is low? We call these grout ‘valleys’ and they didn’t use to be that way.

Did you know all grout is level with the surface of the tile when its installed and wear and improper cleaning degrades the grout, etches the grout, and causes those lower valleys between the tiles? Let’s stop that process from going any further! Fresh Impressions will safely inspect and professionally clean and seal your tile and grout to put an end to the degradation of the grout and to preserve the natural beauty of your tile and grout for years to come.

Ben prespraying tile and grout
Ben scrubbing groutlines

Fresh Impressions holds an SMT Technician certification from the IICRC. We use equipment, cleaners and procedures recommended by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) that will leave your tile and grout impressively clean and protected. Don’t just trust anyone with the care of your expensive tile floors. Trust the team at Fresh Impressions who is actually educated by and networked with the gurus at the IICRC and the Natural Stone Institute.

Exterior Tile Cleaning and Resealing

pool deck sealing

Pool Deck – Sealed vs. Unsealed

pool deck cleaning & sealing
pool deck tile & concrete cleaning
pool deck sealing knoxville
tile step cleaning exterior



for cleaning only


for cleaning and resealing: 1 coat


for cleaning and resealing: 2 coats

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