Knoxville Window Cleaning

Window Washing in Knoxville, TN

How do you ensure that your windows, screens and tracks are going to be treated gently and receive the purest clean possible without any residual water spots? Many window cleaners use brass channels and climb ladders to reach higher windows which can lead to scratched glass and ladder falls.

There’s no need to contract a separate company for your window cleaning when Fresh Impressions handles this alongside their other cleaning services.

In addition to glass pane, screen, and track cleaning, Fresh Impressions is also equipped to remove dust from ceiling fans, mirrors, and outdoor light fixtures. We only use plastic, angled channels for our squeegees and water fed poles with synthetic and horsehair brushes so there’s never a risk of scratching glass. For 2nd and 3rd-story windows we purify our Knoxville water (145-150ppm) down to absolute zero particulates using our XERO Revolution Max Plus water purification system which supplies perfectly pure water to our water-fed poles. That means a spot-free guarantee.

Window Cleaning Pricing

  • Pricing is based upon the number, size, and condition of windows being cleaned.
  • Add-ons include ceiling fan dusting, exterior light fixture, mirror cleaning, screen cleaning and track cleaning.

Before / After Window Cleaning